PRiMEiNU. The next token to explode!

Welcome to the PRiMEiNU Army! The next token to explode! Pre-sale NOW!

#crypto  #ico  #bitcoin  #cryptocurency  #shiba 

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This is the next coin to explode!Join the PRiMEiNU ARMY NOW!Hyper deflationary!High rewards to holders 5% is automatically reflected to holders! +5% is added to liquidity. AUTO BURN!Look at the roadmap on our website, PRiMEiNU will be the next #1 TRENDING COIN SOON!Pre-Sale will be longer in order to reach a good amount for liquidity. +Liquidity= +Strong Marketing=TO THE MOON!Liquidy locked, Audits+KYC in process !LETS NOW TAKE THE ROAD TO BINANCE!!!Ownership Renounced!Contract cannot be modified!

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