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- "Why has my channel been rejected?"

Because of our internal rules for choosing the best channels.

- "When my channel will be approved?"

It will take 2,3 or even more weeks! If you don't want to wait, you need to make it featured from your panel!

- "I changed my channel's username (link changed). what should i do?"

New "username" in our system, means new media. Add it again and wait for approval.

- "DMCA"

Read "DMCA and Abuses" before sending message!

- "Unsubscribe from Notifications"

Read this for Chrome, Firefox and Safari (Windows, Mac, Android) Unsubscribe from Notifications

There is an issue about adding and updating media.

If you can't add your media, please try 4-6 hours later.
I kindly ask you don't contact us about it please, we know that and trying to fix it.

Thank you so much 🌹

I've another question!
We never answer contacts about questions exist in FAQ.
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