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Lewk.com is a #SocialFi startup founded to revolutionize the creator economy in mainstream Social Media. Founded by ex- Binance, Crypto.com and Tiktok employees.

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LEWK is a platform that enhances the creators' ability to monetize their content without leaving their social media platform of choice. LEWK aims to act as a one-stop shop for brands, publishers, creators, and fans, offering features that boost user experience on existing social media platforms and unprecedented incentives.

As of January 2022, Lewk.com's team is expecting to launch the platform's alpha version in April 2022.

The token is expected to be first issued on the Binance Smart Chain and co-exists in at least one other blockchain network.

The team is expecting to host the first public sale offerings in March 2022.

Lewk.com's Seed and Private fundraising rounds commenced in January 2022, resulting in raising $3,26m.

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