Bitcoin Farmers

Free bitcoin every hour! Use bot to win!

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What we are after is earning easy money with this faucet. They are always paying, it's not a scam. What I am after is, making you earn even more.

If you registered before with my referral link, you can still sign up from bot. I will continue paying you.

When you use the bot, you will understand how system works. Make sure you have correct withdrawal addresses logged all the time. 

You can use multiple accounts(such as your phone or proxy), make sure all withdrawal address is registered with bot. You can update later, if you decide to change.

If you have more than 10$(bitcoin value) balance in total of your accounts, I will pay 2.5$ balance extra. The money in your accounts are yours, this is just extra.

If you roll big numbers, I will pay do bigger payouts which is specified in rates.

Good luck and have fun. Any questions, don't hesitate to ask.

Use bot to start: @BTCsFarmerBot

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