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BocasDAO — A Different Approach to NFTs

BocasDAO is presenting its unique idea of bringing to life a Caribbean Bungalow Resort for their NFT holders.

Bocas del Toro, Panama, is where the “El Refugio Beach Bungalows” will come to life. “We have been preparing this for a few years” so Bastian Fritsche, one of the founders. “The property has been purchased and a long list of permissions have been accomplished. Therefore, unlike many other projects, BocasDAO is already counting with an existing foundation’’.

There will be four different NFT tiers, each offering a certain period of accommodation rights and community advantages. The top tier NFT called “Passport Panama” even grants a permanent Panamanian residency. Having in mind that Panama offers great financial advantages, also for crypto holders, a golden visa through the purchase of an NFT definitely is very tempting for the crypto community.

The sales date for the NFTs will take place this summer. There will be only a total of 815 NFTs available, with its top tier NFT being limited to 15 units.

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