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Arcaden is a utility arcade that aims to be the ‘final destination for GameFi tokens’ by means of providing a growing library of entertaining and nostalgic hyper-casual games.

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Hello everyone! 😊

I'm from Arcaden!

I just wanna promote our Discord Server and Telegram Channel! 😁

So, does any of you play any P2E games like Axie Infinity? It kinda sucks right? Seeing the current value of SLP... 😅

I used to be an Axie Scholar of the Apollo Squad. It is being run by a company from Singapore called Salad Ventures. But unfortunately... The guild has to cease it's operations.

But in its place, came Arcaden!

Just this past year, we saw game tokens devalued at a rate like never before, leaving many people feeling pressured to sell.

That's where Arcaden comes in!

Arcaden is kinda lika a virtual arcade (get it? Arcade? Arcaden? Lmao xD) where you can use your GameFi tokens to compete for tickets allowing you to win prizes! 😄

These prizes range from popular play-to-earn NFTs like Axies, Crabada crabs, Pegaxy horses, Sipher Nekos and Inus!

All the way to the coveted BLUE CHIPS NFTs like Mutant Apes, Bored Apes and even Crypto Punks!

Yes! You read that right! You can win Ape NFTs! 😆

You can learn more about Arcaden here 💜


We also have Giveaway events, courtesy of our partners! Just recently we gave away 5 Xtalnia boxes, each worth 20USD and 5 Xtalnia Wings worth 200USD EACH!!! And we have more giveaways to give! 😉

So please join our Discord and Telegram if your interested! ☺️

[Discord Server]


[Telegram Channel]


And don't forget to say hi after you join! 😃

I'll see you there! 🚀

Thanks everyone!!!

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