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♻️ Margin Token House ♻️ Homeland of cryptocurrency traders and investors ♻️ 🌐 Website: https://margintoken.info 🗣 Official channel: @margintokennews 💎 Airdrop: http://margintoken-airdrop.hk.mikecrm.com/F8ujK8Y ✉️ Contact us: @Pioneer8816

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We will run Marg ICO when we have a full preparation for MARG public launching. It will start as soon as possible.

♻️ For bounty hunters, you have more time to earn valuable MARG.

   🔘 Please visit here: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=5092599.new#new

♻️ For investors, we don't want to let you wait so long. 


   🔘 We offer 10 packages for sale. 

   🔘 Each package is 5.000.000 MARG.

   🔘 You have to pay only 100ETH to hold this package.


   🔘 Holding one package, you become a shareholder of our project and getting 5 special things:

     1️⃣ Receiving 5% of the fund that we raise from the upcomming ICO.

     2️⃣ Receiving 5% of the annual profit generated from Margin Token Protocol Vip Group for 5 years. The profit is taken from membership fee and protocol based trading activities. 

     3️⃣ Receiving total refunding if hodling MARG fails to bring you profit in the year 2019. 

     4️⃣ Become an honor admin of our big community @margintoken for 1 year.

     5️⃣ Receiving Margin Token Protocol Vip Group membership for 1 year.



✉️ PM me @Pioneer8816 (the only one from the project you should contact) for sale dealing.


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