This group chat is for the purpose of knowledge enrichment to Traders in their vastness, to build and bolster their trading arsenal.

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Welcome to Forex In Africa ~ I'm Lucas Mango ~ Founder and Author to Mangospirit Investing ~ This group is for the purpose of knowledge enrichment to Traders in their vastness. To build and bolster their trading arsenal. As the name suggests, I am for Africa. Apart from this continent being considered the poorest in the world, its also plagued with scams, both internationally recycled and those homemade. As Africans we are most likely to fall for them because of poverty but also as a consequence to us being relatively new to this liquid form of investment. Research also shows that we rank last when it comes to profitable Retail Traders. THE VISION / MISSION : It would be cliche for us to say we do this for poverty alleviation, even though we do, this is a profession, and we are professionals. As traders, all beginners and experts, we should form a community of growth, after all, knowledge in this industry is infinite, we all share and we all grow together . This is Mangospirit Investing, feel free to look around: Rules for this chat: 1. No binary options 2. Strictly no spam 3. No scams. 4. No promos (These may get you banned) Lets make this a fantastic, safe learning environment. ○●○●○●○●○●○●○●○●○●

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