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Find & apply for the latest jobs in London Найти работу в Лондоне, Англии Add friends to the group! Приглашайте друзей в группу!

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Welcome to our new fast growing community.

We have created a telegram group, where real people are searching for real jobs in London. In addition, many real companies and recruiting agents are in a search of qualified and competent employees on everyday bases.

New vacancies and job opportunities are posted daily. No unnecessary SPAM or ADS. Just serious and important information, our staff are constantly monitoring the group and delet all messages unrelated to the topic.

If you speak English, Russian or Ukranian, you will have no problem at all to navigate in our group and search or post any related information.

Some members do help to get the required documents, qualification cards and provide many more usefull services related to working in London and UK as a whole.

Add all of your friends, tge bigger the community is, the more opportunities there will be for you and other members of the group. Which is becoming even more important taking onto account the economical and political environment recently.

Our team kindly welcomes you all!

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