A reading list for solidity, web3 and Dapp programmers. From cryptography to the latest technologies of web3, we go through the latest articles about the technical analysis and explanation of web3. We use Chinese and English language.

#dapp  #web3  #solidity  #blockchain  #ethereum 

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I am a full-stack web3 developer and very passionate about web3 technologies, so I read a lot of articles about the latest advances in web3 technologies every day. I created this channel to make it easier to read and record.

Unlike other channels about cryptocurrencies, my channel only focuses on technical developments and updates, and does not provide information about cryptocurrency trading.

My channel covers a wide range of topics, from the lowest level of crypto and evm architecture situation, to the latest web3 technology projects, all are covered in the channel. And the channel provides a complete tag indexing system to make it easy for readers to find and read.

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