Bridging the gap between young talent entering life sciences job market and industry's ever-increasing challenges to find this talent

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Starting a career isn't easy. You just don't know where to start. A normal thing to do is to visit every company careers page that you can think of. It's a time consuming and confusing task.

Not knowing where you fit and reading all the job descriptions leaves you even more confused. It is a trial and error process. Surely, there must be an easier solution.

There are thousands of students approaching the end of their studies without having a clear picture about all the potential career paths they are able to take.

Enters Pharmadelic.

We wish to bridge the gap between young talent entering the job market and industry's ever-increasing challenges to find this talent. We've been running our Telegram channel successfully for almost two years, helping Pharmacy and Life Science students, graduates and junior professionals find and secure desired careers by sharing international entry-level jobs, providing career advice and hosting the Pharmadelic Experience podcast.

We have an inspiring vision for the future, but we are taking one step at a time. Nevertheless, we want to bring more value and save you time on your journey.

We are Pharmadelic - We are your One step less.


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