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Invest in Fundamentally strong company for short and long term and make profits Note: Intraday/Option Traders, Stay Away

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Investingfunda is the Name of Telegram Channel Which provides you with the best Swing Trading Suggestions.

Below are the pros and cons of Investing Funda:


• Absolutely Free

• No ads

• You can ask your query related to stock and it will be answered with logic, fundamentals and chart.

• Regular calls and Fundamentally strong and Technically uptrend companies.


• Don't deal in Intraday/options trading

• Don't deal in traders delight shares with poor fundamentals such as Yes Bank, R. com, Idea Vodafone and so on.

What is different here than other channel on Telegram ?

Most of the new comers or new traders are delighted by Intraday trading because of few reasons such high margins and they can trade in penny stocks.

But soon they leave stock market after loosing there money. There are many intraday telegram channels which provide calls on Intraday positions. Also there are a lot of BTST telegram channels but we have conducted lots of polls in telegram trading groups of India and observed that most of the people,to be specific more than 95% have lost there money in Intraday and Option trading.

And only 5% have lost in investing due investing in Fundamentally poor company. We here in investing Funda, reduce both the risks and provide you almost risk free calls and help you in getting 15–20% on an average profit.

So without giving a second thought join this channel on Telegram by searching @investingfunda or click on above hyperlink.

Happy Investing

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