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This channel is connected with Global JIO. Purpose to buy and sell products online via telegram group and channel. Buy from Global JIO verified supplier

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Global JIO - Seartgent At Arm

Great Group for B2B, Business referrals, Housewife, Professionals, Retailers, Wholesalers, Manufacturers, Real Estate,, Paying Guest, Astrologer, Vastu Consultant, Healers, Aayurveda, Electronics, Surveillance System, Employer, Employee,Travelling Agents, Etc. 

Milestones : 

1. Within 30 days 6500+  members. 

2. Having their own portal

3. Totally Free as on today

4. Job seekers gets job

5. Employer gets good employees. 

First install telegram on your phone. 

To join this group before it becomes chargeable click below link

Why one should join Global JIO? 

1. Absolutely free.

2. No compulsion of adding members in group. 

3. Free PICK OF THE WEEK contest. 

4. No collection of money under name of promotion in form of e-bulletin/magazine/article.

5. No restriction on number of posts. 

6. Completely controlled by auto bots. 

7. No discrimination between members and non members. 

8. Equipped with honorary team of admins. 

9. No collection of membership charges for physical meet ups. 

10. Even if you do not add members you can post your business listing. 

11. Fastest growth of the group. Global JIO Pride, Other Group Envy. 

12. Having own dedicated portal

13. Global JIO do not earn by promoting 3rd party software by sharing your personal data. Your data is safe on

14. Well defined group policy Purpose and Disclaimer. 

15. Group is managed by well mannered,professional, technocrats and dedicated admin team. 

16. No addition of inactive members, just to grow number of group members. No illusive figure of more members. 

17. Compare to other groups our online member ratio is double. 

18. Average time of post engagement is around 15 minutes. 

19. Shortcode enabled group like

/rules, /disclaimer, /purpose, /winner, /why, /invite /newmembers, etc. 

20. Finally Global JIO is For People, By People. No proprietary right of any individual or organisation or company.

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