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This is the official TELEGRAM CHANNEL devoted for the divinely inspired cryptocurrency AOC-Alpha Omega Coin. ... Voici la chaîne TELEGRAM OFFICIELLE dédiée à la crypto-monnaie divinement inspirée AOC-ALPHA OMEGA COIN.

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Since 2009, the cryptocurrency Bitcoin created by Satoshi Nakamoto has rewritten the history of FIAT currency system by decentralising finance between people and nations. But the market manipulation has been killing Bitcoin and all coins and tokens created and launched so far.

Since October 28, 2020, the divinely inspired cryptocurrency Alpha Omega Coin (AOC) whose current Tokens ( AOC ERC20; AOC BEP20;...) has been rewriting the history of cryptocurrency. Indeed , unlike other cryptocurrencies , Alpha Omega Coin has succeeded in building a root-community who is enlarging its global community day-in day-out. Also, AOC Ecosystem Tokens Smart Contracts are coded with market anti-manipulation features known as : Regressive Anti-Manipulation Strategy (RAMS) and Progressive Anti-Manipulation Strategy (PAMS) which, from March 2022, will but make their prices increase progressively.

Moreover, you can use your AOC ERC20 Tokens to be selling or buying goods (cars; motorbikes; ...) and services from the around the world.

Alpha Omega Coin Vision

Having a private worldwide-located community founded and operating on divine and Christic values allowing its members to live a life of abundance and love according to the plan of God and not of satan.

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