We are constructing a system to replicate real-life trust in the digital world based on all the reliable qualities of blockchain.

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Trust accountability has become an expensive market worth more than $29 trillion. Whether you are a seller of goods and services or a consumer, you have to sacrifice your time, money and privacy to obtain a seemingly trustworthy profile.

Based on the small world phenomenon, TrustUnion have created the Chain of Trusta fully featured protocol that covers most aspects of Trust in an unfakable way. The links formed with this technology are based on real, trustworthy connections you have made during your life. You are incentivized to create these connections only with people who you really trust in real life. Every aspect of the ecosystem places utmost importance on your personal privacy while maintaining a way to disclose your trustworthiness to others. Your identity is no longer based on your personal data, but on your trustworthiness according to your connections. You will be able to transport this Trust across all kinds of services and start to build your personal Trust capital.


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