Welcome to the TREASUREBETS group. We help sportsbettors make money using statistics with our own unique stategy. Our betting account went from $150 to $23.000 in the long run and you will do the same thing here.

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Welcome to the Treasure Bets Free group💰❤️‍🔥We are experts in football betting. With 7+ years of experience and our own strategies,📊 we consistently beat the bookmakers. 🥊

We have a free group where we share great bets everyday and a great community chat 👥💬 look in the bio at telegram for the community chat link!

We know how frustrating betting can be at times. 🤯 This is why we started Treasurebets with the aim that you, like us, consistently win 🏆 with football betting instead of losing. Treasure Bets uses its own strategy called bankrolling which is focused on the long term. 📈 We use statistics and unique strategies to identify what bets will certainly hit and profit. 💵

So stick to the strategies for big wins. We would suggest that you use an account that is empty and to not use it on high risks bets. But that is still your choice. 🤷🏻

Glad you are here and becoming part of our community ❤️‍🔥 let’s make profits together💰we have been consistently confusing the bookmakers and we are not going to stop. 🛑

The Bankroll strategy:

What does bankroll mean? 🧐

Bankroll is the amount you bet of the total amount in your account.

ℹ️ example 🏦 bankroll 4%

Do you have €100 in your account? Then you bet 4% of €100. In this case, this amounts to €4! 

Do you have a “low” starting amount? Then you can possibly bet a little higher than 4%. BUT never go all in! We're here for the long haul.🧏‍♂️ Growing slowly & building up slowly is the 🔑 to success! 🔥

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