️100% success rate with proof ️Reliable Honk-Kong informants includes an ex-football agent ️60+ validated fixed matches ️Exclusive info (limited to 10-12 clients per bet) ️We've been following and working with them since April 2021. To date, the 66 fixed m

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👨‍💻We're a seasoned team of European investors with a 7-year history, diversified across online businesses, real estate, cryptocurrency, trading, Airbnb, and more. Our network has connected us with insiders in Hong-Kong who locate and arrange fixed football matches, enabling us to place 100% sure bets.

📆We've been following and working with them since April 2021. To date, the 66 fixed matches we've bought from them have been confirmed without difficulty. This is an extremely reliable source and a huge source of income for us in recent months.

❗️However, there are a couple of things to bear in mind, and we'll be 100% transparent with you:

1️⃣We can't forecast the occurrence or frequency of fixed matches. Despite scams suggesting daily fixed matches, realistically we aim for 5-6 monthly, focusing on fewer but reliable matches for substantial betting.

2️⃣ When betting, it's crucial to be discreet as bookmakers monitor stakes. Any suspicious activity can lead to bet suspension and potential investigation. Also, frequent large wins may draw attention, so it's advisable to switch between bookmakers.

💎In essence, not all will receive match info. To avoid arousing suspicion that could lead to bet suspension or falling odds, the source of our fixed match details restricts sharing to 10-12 people per bet.

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