Mate Bot

Mate Bot is a matchmaking reel builder. Create a matchmaking process for any group.

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Mate Bot is a matchmaking reel builder. This bot lets to create a matchmaking process for any group. It works as in a matchmaking app, but only for group members.

As an intro, let us guess: probably, you are the member of a several Telegram groups. It might be professional, hobby, chatting and other groups. But how many members you actually know anything about?

If not many, there are a couple of ways to know about people in a Telegram group now. You can participate in (or read) conversations. You can directly look into members list and guess from there. 

Mate bot represents another way. It creates a matching reel for participants to see each other one-by-one. There you can tap through intros and react to people you are interested in. If both members are interested, they see it. So when you contact a person, you will know there is the first liking already.

To use the bot enter the name and short intro. Then choose a matching reel to join. Reels are available only for your groups with the Mate Bot. On reel people can see other members and react. Telegram usernames are shown when reaction is mutual.

As a group admin you can create a reel for your community. Add the Mate Bot to group and invite people.

Check out the bot and try to create a reel yourself. Time to connect people!

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