PolySwarm Scanbot

A bot for using PolySwarm, the decentralized threat detection marketplace. Send me a file or a URL to scan! Add me to your group as admin, and I will scan every attachment and URL for free in seconds.

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About the bot

Introducing the PolySwarm Scanbot @PolySwarmBot! This bot allows for Telegram members and groups to interact with the Polyswarm platform from within Telegram itself, via a simple-to-use bot. As an individual, you can directly submit suspect material through a private message with the bot, and get useful details and warnings about the artifact. The Scanbot can also be added to groups, where it will actively scan and render verdicts on whether the materials being shared in the group are malicious. Once it is added to a group, the Scanbot will safeguard the chat by notifying members when something malicious has been detected and, with admin permissions, deleting the offending post. Otherwise, it will stay silent to avoid polluting the chat. Here's where it gets exciting for our members: this bot makes for a powerful marketing tool, and gives each of you the ability to tell the world about PolySwarm.

About Polyswarm

PolySwarm is an open source marketplace where security experts and antivirus companies compete and get paid to accurately detect threats. PolySwarm’s mission is to accelerate the expansion of threat detection coverage by lowering barriers of participation for specialized expertise and economically rewarding early, accurate malware detection.

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