BIT ZOO Bot🦖🦊🦁

Build your dream zoo! Take care of wild and tame animals in this game to earn Litecoins! 🐼🦁🦓🙈 DO YOU HAVE WHAT IT TAKES TO RUN A REAL ZOO? As a Zoo Keeper, you’re handed the keys to a run-down zoo and 90💰, what will you do?

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BIT ZOO 🦖🦊🦁:

Build your own BitZoo!

Take care of wild and tame animals to earn cryptocurrency!🐼🦁🦓🙈

🐾 Build the zoo of your dreams & discover tons of animals! 

You have been credited with 90💰 local currency, which can be used to buy animals.

Keep buying animals to increase the popularity of your zoo!🚶‍♀️👀

Invite Zookeepers to earn money, spend it smartly to bring new animals to your zoo & earn even more!

Your three main sources of income are entry tickets, new zoo masters and charitable donations.

The number of tickets sell is proportionate with what’s being offered to the visitors. 

If you only have a few exhibits and not much else in entertainment, there wont be too many visitors.

Visitors pay Litecoins to buy tickets at the booth.  

Visit the Ticket Booths regularly to collect your income. 

All collected funds will be stored in your main account 💲 Balance and can be exchanged to local currency 💰 if you want to buy more animals. 

100💰= 0.01 LTC

If you've run out of your local currency, you can buy some from the shop! Payment can be done using ANY cryptocurrency of your choice. 

Come on! Start your adventure now! Be an idle tycoon of BitZoo; show the world your own zoo!

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