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How to add my media to the site?

Everyone wants his channel has a lot of subscribers. You can increase your channel subscribers by adding your channel to the adding your channel to the site is very easy,(you should just log in and add it ;) ), but I describe it here by screenshots and step by step with more description about steps.

So let's add it:


add telegram channel


1. Click on the burger button at top-right
2. Register with your email address or just sign in with Google




3. After login, click on "Add New Media"
4. Select your media Type (channel, group, bot, sticker)
5. Type your media username or public link (Telegram Channel or Groups should be public)
6. Press "Fetch" to load your media




7. Your media name will be entered automatically, you can edit it (under 45 characters)
8. Write some short description, (something that users like to click on it and see your channel)
9. Write some description of your media. this help users and Google to know you more.



10. Select your media language (Please don't add media that we don't support that language yet)
11. Select a category.
12. If you want to gain more real users and your media display more on the website you can feature it.
13. Press "ADD" to submit your media for review.



14. This is your media rating link to share with your subscribers to rate your media. (if they rate your media high you will be on top of Best Telegram Media) . wait until your media get approved before sharing this link.
15. After submitting your media, it should be approved to get display on the site. 

Note: Channels (or other media) that share adult content (pornography, drugs,..), spam or scam, illegal content (like copyrighted content,...) and all other objectionable content are not allowed.