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You sit at your desk everyday, and first thing you do when you wake up is check your telegram.

You have lost all hope and sense in life.

Nothing matters anymore. You dwell on every past and you dwell on every decision.

You sit and claim that you are trying to chase financial freedom, well let me break the news to you.

You are lying to yourself.

You are nothing but a puppet.

You have bought the belief and ideology of decentralisation believing all that garbage.

How can you be in a decentralised market when you have puppeteers controlling every play and every move.

How dare you invest in something before they do?

You are nothing but a slave to their desires.

You have some people sitting in their chats claiming to be helping when all they do is use their followers for exit liquidity.

No play ever lasts, always to the next and they never mention it again.

You and me we are all puppets.

We all sitting in the dark and watching the hour glass trickle down as we waste the last bit of our lives trying to better it, but instead we are bettering someone else's life.

When is the last time you invested in something that wasn’t one of the following:

  1. Influencer Pump and Dump
  2. Tax Grab
  3. Scam

I would imagine not many can say they haven’t.

I am the HourGlass and i provide you with the opportunity to lead something yourself without the help of others.

No Tax, No Bots and No Influencers.

The community hold the HourGlass.

For once, we can take power into our own hands.

As i reveal this i will open up the chat and we all can come together as one and rally behind something that we believe in.

Over past weeks they tried to sell you the dream on coins like “Laika” and “Suzume”.

The same people who were promoting “Laika” as a “Larp Killer”, managed to promote “Suzume” one week later which is a Larp.

If that is not proof that you all are puppets and it is time for YOU to make money and not put the money in this scum hands i don’t know what is.

Think for yourself for once.

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