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Here you are on the official Anglophone Telegram chat of the divinely inspired and Community driven Cryotocurrency Alpha Omega Coin (AOC).

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Country : Estonia

Business Description

Alpha Omega Coin Vision

Having a private worldwide-located community founded and operating on divine and Christic values allowing its members to live a life of abundance and love according to the plan of God and not of satan. Awakening and energizing, to the glory of God, Blacks, Whites and Yellows including the body of Christ for the establishment of a globally powerful economic system that is able to protect its members against the manifestation of the 666 sign, that is the one and satanically inspired world government known on as the new world order. AOC stands for Alpha Omega Coin. In other words, call it GVC and in long God Virtual Coin.

Alpha Omega Coin Mission

Divinely inspired, it is intended to preserve humanity and in particular the true worshipers of God against the catastrophes of the sign 666, the sign of the antichrist, which is nothing else but a powerful global and global powerful economic system without which, to the glory of satan, one cannot buy, nor sell, nor do anything.

Based in Tallinn

Tags Cryptocurrency, Bible Education, Financial Services, Green Building

Total Funding Between €100K-€500K

Founded 2021

Website :

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