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Hi! Check out my free betting channel, I live from betting and you can see all the bets I place and start making money with me today! I started betting 7 years ago, for the first year I mostly lost money, but I always believed I could make money with sports betting, it was always like a dream to me. Then I started working for a sports bookie and a big casino website, I was working there for 6 months, and I did not like working there at all. Then I came to a realization that I have learned a lot of new things about how to make money with sports betting and how to make money playing roulette and blackjack. That was when I quit my job and started betting full-time. I kept on betting for about three years and then I came across to telegram betting channels, and I immediately had an idea that I would love to do that as well and help other people make money in the rough industry of betting, while also having a more secure way of getting paid myself too. So now I offer a free betting channel called V1XBETLIVE, which offers about three pre bets every day and about 3-5 live bets every day, I also offer V-FAMILY VIP which offers higher quality bets and bigger odds bets with about the same quantity of bets as the free channel, the price for it is 15 euros for a month. So I would be very happy to welcome you to the V1XBET community and I will be happy to help you with any betting related questions.

In the future I hope to get even better at sports betting and help as many people as I can worldwide, because sports and sports betting truly is one of my biggest passions. I am personally from Europe, but my group hosts people from all over the world. I have had happy clients from all over Europe, India, USA, Canada, Australia, Tanzania, Nigeria and many other countries.

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