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Everything should be reality is the platform to show everything, which is a real fact. There will be no such content in which people should get hurt or make fun of their emotions. we all have dreams. But to bring dreams to reality, it takes determination, dedication, self-discipline, and a lot of effort. Life is a big road there were lots of signs. So when you are riding through the ropes, do not complicate your mind. Reality is all of your experiences and knowledge of the world that determine how things appear to you.

Real is something capable of being treated as fact and something that is being or occurring in actuality and having a verified existence and substance that coincides with reality. Real is something that is Not an Illusion, Not Fantasy, Not Imaginary, or a feeling of Intuition. Real is something that is no less than what is stated and worthy of a name and reflecting the essential or genuine character of something. Real is something that should not be taken lightly. Something fixed or immovable. Real in math is any rational or irrational number.

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