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We mainly post about Tech Interview Prep, Machine Learning, Full Stack, Data Structures, Algorithms & Programming Languages. A heaven for geeks.

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Welcome to the official channel of Your geekiness is admired here 👨🏻‍💻. We mainly post about Technical Interviews Preparation, Machine Learning, Data Structures, Data Science, Algorithms, Big Data, Best practices, and other random stuff. 

What will you get access to by joining this channel?

1️⃣ Quality Tutorials on different topics.

2️⃣ Best Curated resources.

3️⃣ Good open source projects link.

4️⃣ A bed time read which will help you to grow.

5️⃣ Occassionaly, some books (If they are open sourced).

6️⃣ Interview material for different companies.

We do have a schedule of posting over the week.

⏺ Monday - Machine Learning(Data Science, Libraries and Statistics)

⏺ Tuesday - Full Stack Developement(Django, Bootstrap, Node etc)

⏺ Wednesday - Data Structures( From basic to Advanced Data Structures)

⏺ Thursday - Algorithms

⏺ Friday - C and C++ ( Mostly about features, good articles, best practices and most used built-in functions of the language)

⏺ Saturday - Python ( Python features, good articles, best practices and most used built-in methods of the language)

⏺ Sunday - Miscellaneous Stuff ( Some good random post from internet related to computer science)

Thanks you and I hope you achieve great heights.

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