Mr. Dealer- Takes Order

This Bot is unique ever,it helps users to buy products online from Amazon/flipkart with full privacy and security.Bot order free gifts for buyers,referer and non-buyer's also (join Q/A group for gifts).price range for free gifts varies 1$-130$(may increase

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First time in history 🔥

This Bot is unique in it's own way,it help users to buy products online from Amazon/flipkart. User need to give their Products Full Name along with it's Image given in Flipkart and Amazon. The search the products ,compare products, check it's reviews,bot give its own opinion whether user need to buy it or not, etc.) It either provide filter link of products or places user's order with full privacy and security.The only thing that bot wants is it's users happiness therefore Bot also order free gifts for buyers, person who refer this bot to others(referrer) and also non-buyer's (join Q/A group for gifts). Price range for free gifts varies 1$-130$ (may increase depending upon bot).

*referrer earns gifts only when it ask bot to do so,then bot will give password which referee need to type when it enters the group. More You refer, more gifts.

*Non-buyer's will earn gifts only via quizzes, when it joins Q/A group.More you share,more you earn gifts.

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