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Created by Ash Davidson and originally started out as The Crypto Mob founded in October 2017 as a Facebook Group and the routes of Udemy.

A lot of people over 2018 have came into the market and ultimately lost, and lost big. This is why education is vital, and knowledge in the cryptocurrency space is power as it is in it's infancy stage right now.

We teach literally everything you need to know. You need knowledge in any investing space, certainly with cryptocurrency to stop you falling fowl of the scams that may shine brightly in your eyes and somewhat appealing.

In August 2018 Ash left the Royal Air Force and enhanced The Crypto Mob brand with Learning Crypto with Lee Swallow and Mark Morgan. Learning Crypto is the education platform which will be your home for all your education and subscriptions with The Crypto Mob being the community side of the business with local clubs and online communities.

Officially launching the platform in November 2018, throughout the toughest of market conditions, we were blown away by the support we got for our education and have been going from strength to strength ever since.

In January 2019, we had our first low-key community meet up in London, In September 2019 we got invited to attend DLTCON in Manchester to speak in front of an audience which is something we are keen to carry on doing going through into 2020.

In October 2019 we have put our courses through an assessment to become CPD Accredited. We believe that this will set us apart from the rest of the other cryptocurrency education companies and will open up other avenues educate people in business on how they can adapt and use cryptocurrency in the future.

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