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Israel Hamas telegram channel in English. A news and post feed that brings it all in one challenge. This includes sources from Telegram channels, Twitter, Blogs, Articles, and media. Everything is translated into English from Arabic, Farsi, Hebrew, German, French, and Russian. It's the best telegram channel for journalists and people who want to see all sides in real time.

pro-Palestine & pro-Hamas sources include sources from:

Hamas, Palestinian Islamic Jihad PIJ, Al-Qasa, PLO, Palestinian Authority.

Palestinian Gaza & West Bank, Iran state media, Islamic Republic, Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corp IRGC, Hezbollah & Lebanon, Qatar, Turkey, Syria, Iraq, Iraqi militia groups, Afghanistan & Taliban, Pakistan, Russian, Chinese,Spain, Indonesia, North Korea.

pro-Israel sources include sources from:

Israel Defense forces IDF, Israeli media, Hebrew media, USA, Canada, Germany, United Kingdom UK, France, Poland, Netherland, Ukraine, Italy, Sweden, Denmark, Saudi, EU, Australia, Jordan, UAE, India, South Africa, Japan, South Korea, Philippines, Anti-regime Iranians

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(We are NOT affiliated with anyone, our feeds just make it easier to keep up with the information & translation of publicly available information and OSINT.)

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