Social Media Previewer

This bot allows the previsualization of videos and images directly on telegram by sharing a link, which allows the download of the content. It can be use both in the bot channel or inside a group (needs admin right with message access).

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Start communication with Social Media Previewer bot in your Telegram, by clicking on the "Send Message" button.


Simply paste a link from social some of the compatible social networks and the bot will replace your message with another one that allows the previsualization of the media content directly in telegram.

Compatibility (27/09/2022)* 

- Twitter: Videos and Images (Not from quotes) 

- Instagram: Post (Images&Videos) and Reels ( Not from private accounts due to API limitation) 

- Tiktok: Videos (*)

- Reddit: Videos and Images (Limited compatibility dependent of the media host)

** NOTES: 

 - Some media could fail due to telegram message size limit (100mb)

 - Some links or platform peculiarities could cause unexpected errors

Ongoing improvements:

  • Improve Twitter compatibility
  • Send the larger media (> 100mb) as a File instead of a Video or compress the media before sending it.
  • Expand Reddit host compatibility

Last Upate (09/OCT/2022):

  • BOT now keeps the message as a reply

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