Message Auto Forwarder

Sell signals automated all in one bot. Works for restricted chats also and can modify message content before posting.

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Start communication with Message Auto Forwarder bot in your Telegram, by clicking on the "Send Message" button.


This is a bot used to forward messages from one/or multiple groups to others.

The way it does this is by using your telegram account and when a message (you have configured) comes,

it sees it and rewrites it to the channels you want.

You can edit the way the message looks, filter it, delay, and change words.


- Forward from anything (be it public or private)

- Highest performance from any bot available currently

- Multiple SOURCE and TARGET setups Unlike other bots

- Can change messages format and remove/add defined words

- Can filter messages (images, media, voice_notes, etc)

- Can delay messages up to a defined amount

- Can steal all members from chat

- Can Clone all messages from SOURCE chat to TARGET chat

- Forwards are sent from the connected account

Free Forwarding

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