Soothsayer is a personal astrologer, available to talk to you 24/7 - day or night to tell your predictions on your future based on star signs with uncanny precision! Go ahead ask the venerable seer @secretseer "How's the day for <Taurus/Libra/ Your Sign>"!

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Soothsayer is your online crystal ball, your own personal astrologer who can see past the clouded future to bring your own personalized predictions based on sun signs. It is very accurate and detailed to inform on what the stars show ahead in your path.


Just start by messaging to @secretseer "How's the day for "! to get your precise reading for the day, week month or year. If you dont know your star sign for predictions, you can also enter your DOB as May 08 to get your sun sign, predictions and some interesting characteristics of your sign!


Get notified with updated predictions, delivered to your device.


Soothsayer is an innovation that is a part of AskAIBOT, leading innovator to bring AI and Cloud integrations to smart apps - made for a single purpose – to help you meet your business objective by engaging with clients most interactively. Soothsayer is available to interact on Facebook messenger at @secretseer, on Google Home and Alexa Skill. Visit for details.

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