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Create memberships of your Telegram groups and channels and control access automatically. Start now for FREE.

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Create paid Telegram groups and channels and control access automatically

Monetize your channels and groups with our Telegram subscription bot.

Integrate Telegram with your Stripe account

Create new subscriptions through Grouptizer or integrate your own existing subscriptions.

Active customers in any of the subscriptions you choose will have access to the group.

Automatically controls group access

Our Telegram bot grouptizer_bot automatically handles the entry and removal of users based on the validity of their subscriptions.

Subscription Landing Page + Easy Web Interface

Doesn't require any technical knowledge or a website. Share with your customers a link to the group where they can subscribe and unsubscribe.

Manage your groups and users through our web interface.

Access Codes

Allow your customers to access the group using Access Codes generated by you, with the validity you want.

You can sell them or give them away to whoever you want on your own.

VIP users

Define which users can enter the group without paying a subscription. Grouptizer will let them in and will not kick them out.

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