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Best Telegram Channels about Health

We know you love Telegram, but do you love your body and mind too? Health and wellness isn’t just a trend, it’s something every human must strive for. And what better way to use Telegram than to achieve and maintain our health and wellness?

Here are some Telegram channels, bots, and groups worth checking out if you are interested in improving your general well-being.


  • Health Advice – “Expert Advice focusing on Body, Mental Health and Overall Wellness”
    With over 29K followers, this channel provides insightful updates regarding your overall health and wellness. They usually use graphics which make the updates more interesting.

  • The Medical Herald – “The first medical channel where you can ask to get a free medical [advice] and know about healthy [lifestyle]”
    Run by @Dr_SofoniasErmias, a medical doctor, this channel uses text and different media to talk about facts and research from the medical field. It has over 18K followers.

  • BBC Lifestyle – “The channel provides five programming strands: Food, Health, Parenting, Life Advices, and Personal Development”
    With curated content from, for some unknown reason, mostly The Telegraph (and not the BBC), this channel provides articles and more on the above-mentioned topics. While obviously not an official channel from BBC itself, it still gives practical and helpful advice.

  • All Psychology – “We post fun facts about psychology and psychological phenomenon”
    Interested in getting to know more about yourself and psychology? This channel is for you. With facts, articles, and other kinds of media about psychology, you’ll learn so much in no time.


  • Forsky – “A chatbot who helps you change unhealthy eating habits”
    As the world’s first bot for healthy eating, this bot helps you keep a food diary and count your calories. You just need to message the name of everything you eat or drink throughout the day. Experts agree that keeping a food diary will help you eat and drink better, so this is a must-have on your phone if you want to track and evaluate what your day-to-day food and drink consumption looks like.

  • MemrooBot - "I'm here to remind you of the beautiful things happening in your life."
    Want to reduce stress and have a better mood? Remembering beautiful moments that happened to you can help. This bot will help you remember them. Just send him photos of moments you'd like to remember, and he will send them back to you now and then. He will also remind you of the anniversary of the events. Not only is this bot fun, but it's also backed by science.

  • Rorschach Test ­­– “Learn more about your personality."
    Use this bot to reveal your personality characteristics and emotional functioning. A series of inkblot cards will be shown and you have to select the one you’re drawn to the most. Then you are to look at this card for about thirty seconds. What does the inkblot look like? The symbols you see in them are considered to reveal details about your personality.


  • Digitally Well – “Tech is part of your life but it shouldn’t dominate you. Control your tech. Get a tech-life balance.”
    Are you always on your smartphone? Perhaps you find yourself with tech addiction. Or perhaps you want to use tech in a way that improves your life, instead of worsening it. You can join this group to get support from others looking for solutions like you.



As a fast-growing app, Telegram offers plenty of options for those interested in health and wellness. By using tech, particularly Telegram in this case, to our advantage, we can vastly improve our well-being and consequently our lives.

What about you? What Telegram channels, bots, and groups do you use for your health and wellness? Share them by adding them to the directory of Telegram channels.