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Top 10 Programming Channels In The Telegram

Here is a list of top 10 Telegram channels in the programming, design, and development category. Maybe there are more channels like these, but I have listed those channels added to our directory. (if you know other channels in programming, web design and web development, please add them to the Telegram Channels Directory )


List of Telegram Channels in Programming, Design, and Develop


  1. The Art of Programming
    A channel with programming news and tips and tricks, nice for beginners but also for experienced programmers

  2. Programming Tips
    Fun & Useful Programming: Tips, Design Patterns, Software Principles, Resources

  3. The Devs
    Developers Community on Telegram.

  4. Hack+

  5. Web Dev
    Web Development news feed.

  6. Programming Challenges
    Do you want to be challenged a bit? We've got you covered!

  7. The Front End

    Articles, News, Tutorials, UI/UX thoughts on front-end, mobile, and web development

  8. Front End World
    New articles about Front End development. JS, CSS, React, Vue, Angular and others!

  9. Amazing PHP
    Welcome to the Amazing PHP Channel! Here you can find a lot of interesting articles/news about PHP, frameworks, tools, and development.

  10. iOS dev
    iOS development

You can find more channels about programming, design, and development in the Telegram Technology Channels. Also if you know more channels you can add them to the directory.