Telegram A-Z app features: privacy, security, notifications …
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Telegram A-Z app features: privacy, security, notifications …

There are many Telegram app features that you may not have known. We will talk about the messenger's settings that can help you:

  • Secure your Telegram account.
  • Keep the account private.
  • Read messages without being seen
  • Send scheduled messages
  • Style text
  • Organize chats.
  • Translate Tg messages and posts
  • Control notifications
  • Clear Telegram cache

How to secure my telegram account | Security features

The very first step you should take is to enable the Two-Step Verification. If impostors or hackers somehow have access to the Telegram SMS code, they will have to crack the Cloud password.

How to enable the Two-Step Verification on the desktop, laptop, or Android device?

  1. Go to "Privacy and Security" settings in the app
  2. Find the "Two-Step Verification" subcategory and enable it. Alternatively, if you have this protection mechanism, you may want to change your cloud pass.
  3. You will be asked for an email for recovery in case of forgetting the Two-Step Verification password.

Ensure that the application is updated automatically

One of the most common reasons for hacks is outdated software. Do not give the attackers this chance.

Updates on the desktop and laptop

Go to the "Advanced" page in settings => and scroll to the bottom where you will find "Version and Updates" => make sure that "Update Automatically" is checked.

How to check updates or update on iOS and Android

The process is a bit different on mobile devices: auto-updates are already enabled. You should not worry about updates. If you have installed the messenger from App Store or Play Market, they will control the update process. You can always check whether the app needs updating by going to the Telegram page in App Store or Play Market.

If you have downloaded Telegram from an official site, updates will also happen automatically, plus the versions may appear faster than on App Store or Play Market.

Developing the habit of checking updates is always good.

Turn on the local passcode and auto-lock feature

Imagine that you are sitting in an Internet cafe or office, and somebody calls you. You go outside or to the next room, and now everyone can peek into your account and activity.

How to turn on the local passcode and auto-lock on the desktop, laptop, or Android device?

  1. Go to "Privacy and Security" settings in the app
  2. Find the "Local Passcode" subcategory and enable it. Alternatively, if you have this protection mechanism, you may want to change your local pass.
  3. Below, set the time for the auto-lock option. You can set a custom time from 1 minute.

Note: You can always lock the messenger by using the lock icon at the top right corner of the app.

Telegram Sessions, check if everything is yours.

"Prevention is better than cure" - Desiderius Erasmus

Hey Desiderius Erasmus, we understand it, but what if somebody has access to the Telegram account. The solution lies in terminating sessions and creating/changing the Two-Step Verification password.

How to monitor Telegram sessions

  1. Go to "Privacy and Security"
  2. Under "Security", click "Show all sessions"
  3. Are all the sessions started by you?
  4. If not, terminate these sessions

Note: You can select when to terminate all the sessions if you are away, starting from one week to 6 months. You can do the same with your account, and it will be deleted automatically.

If you find unfamiliar sessions, you must change the Two-Step Verification password immediately.

These settings will help you keep your telegram account safe. One extra tip is to avoid clicking links and opening files from strangers.

How to keep my telegram account private | Privacy features

The extension of security is privacy. If hackers or individuals with malicious intent get your phone number or profile picture, it can bring many problems.

Go to "Privacy and Security",  and restrict who can view your profile photo, phone number, and who can call you. You can even restrict certain individuals from viewing and calling you or make exceptions. For example, choose the "nobody" option, and add a couple of friends who can call you.

On desktops, you can turn off calls altogether.

One more step will be protection from marketers. Let only your contacts add you to groups/channels. Or soon you will find yourself in who knows how many groups :)

groups meme

Features related to chatting

1. Reading messages on Telegram. Without being seen

How to read/view messages without being seen?  I press and hold the chat round icon to do it, and the window appears with recent messages.         This is how you can read the chat without being seen. If media auto-download is enabled, you can also view GIFs and images. However, nobody can be protected from Voices :)

Note: Do not do it too much or you can be beaten by your friends :)

Sometimes, we are too lazy to answer but too curious not to read.

The translate feature for mobile devices

You can now translate messages on Telegram on mobile phones. You do not need to be bilingual to understand discussions.

How to translate messages on Telegram?

It may be turned off by default. To enable the translate feature, go to settings => "Language" => check the "Show Translate Button" option. Now, press any message, and you should see the translate option.

The media filter feature for mobile devices

Browse only videos or only photos in private chats, channels, or groups. Just uncheck the unwanted media with the "Show photos" or "Show videos" options inside the three-dots menu.

You can also view media in chats by using the "Calendar" feature. Not so helpful, but a cool option. Follow the steps above.

Quick tip: If you do not want to open links with the Telegram built-in browser, you can disable it. Go to "Chat Settings" => disable the "In-App Browser" option. Now, the default browser on a mobile device will be used.

2. Features for styling text on Telegram

Do you use bold, italic, and strikethrough stylings in your messages or channel posts?

There are two ways to style your text:

1. Use the Telegram built-in editor.

On the desktop or laptop, highlight the word => right-click => go to "Formating" => choose your style. Tip: Remember the given shortcuts to make the job easier next time.

The procedure on Android and iOS: click on the word or sentence => and the three-dots menu will appear => choose your stylings.

2. The second way to style text is by using the markdown syntax. See below.

How to bold text? Just use ** at the beginning and end of the word or sentence. Example: **I am bold**

How to make the text italic? Surround your word with two underscores. Example: __I am Italic__

How to underline text? Example: --underline--. This did not work for me. Maybe there is some bug.

What is a spoiler on Telegram? It is a sentence, word, or emoji that can be seen only after clicking on it.

How to create a Telegram spoiler with markdown? Example:||This is a spoiler||.

How to make text links aka anchor links?

The markdown syntax for making anchor links will look like this: [link-name](link-URL). But, it is not working now for some reason.

We can use the Ctrl K shortcut instead. Highlight the word or phrase => Ctrl K  => and insert the desired link. The coolest part is that the link can be to some channel or group post on Telegram.

Do you remember how to access stylings on the phone?

The procedure on Android and iOS: click on the word or sentence => the three-dots menu will appear => choose your stylings => and find the "Create Link" option.

How to get the channel's post or group message link? Press the message or post and select "Copy message link" or "Copy post link".

3. Sending messages on Telegram. You can schedule them.

If you are get used to using "Enter" for new lines, you should change the default sending button to "Ctrl-Enter". Go to the settings => Chat settings => go to the bottom and do it!

How to send scheduled messages in Telegram channels and private chats?

On the desktop or laptop, right-click the send button, and you will see two options => set the time. You can check all the scheduled messages, and edit, or reschedule them under the newly appeared icon in the message box.

If you are on iOS or Android, hold the send icon and you will see the options.

Quick tip: If you finish surfing one channel, just pull up to go to another unread channel. Works only on mobiles.

Notifications Features

Let's move to notifications features. Do not like to be disturbed?

If you have multiple accounts in Telegram messenger, it may be handy to enable notifications only for the account you are currently in.

Imagine that you have one personal account and one work account. During working hours, you can focus better if you do not receive personal notifications.

How do I disable notifications from all accounts in the app?

Go to settings => "Notifications and sounds" => check the first option

Tired to mute channels, chats, and groups one by one? How to mute all chats, groups, and channels at once?

You can find this feature only on mobile phones. Go to settings => "Notifications and sounds" => find the "Notifications for chats" subcategory.

It is much more effective to add exceptions rather than muting chats one by one.

Do you need reminders of unread messages when the Internet is off? Look for the feature on mobile devices.

Telegram by default will send you repeated notifications of unread messages every 2 hours. If do not need this feature, disable it in the "Notifications and sounds"=> the "Other" subcategory.

By the way, you can disable default notifications for events like "Contact joined Telegram" or "Pinned Messages". The last is used by smart admins to attract the attention of members who have muted their channel or group. Go to "Notifications and sounds"=> the "Events" subcategory.

Notifications counter. You can remove muted chats from notification counting and leave only important channels or groups. Find the feature under the "Badge Counter" subcategory.

Interface features

Do you need a neat and pleasant interface? If yes, you must use folders (up to 10) and pin chats (up to 5) in each folder.  

Find out more about telegram limits

How to create a Telegram folder and pin the chat there?

  1. Go "Chat Folders" in Settings
  2. Press "Create New Folder"
  3. Name it and add chats there
  4. Right-click the chat you want to pin and choose the "Pin" option if you are on a laptop or desktop. On Android or iOS, press the chat until the three-dots menu appears => in the menu find the "Pin" feature.

Tip: You can press any chat and add it to folders.

In case you want to hide unwanted chats, use archives. You can find the feature by pressing the chat. It is inside the three-dots menu.

Are you tired of switching between the Night and Day Mode?

There is a feature called "Auto-night mode". Find it in "Chat settings". However, this feature did not work for my devices both desktop and phone.

Data handling and storage features

On mobile devices, there are plenty of options to control how data is handled and stored. For example, you can disable auto-downloading and auto-playing files in "Data and Storage".

Do not want your mobile Internet to become extinct? If yes, check the auto-downloading option "when connected to Wi-Fi".

Do not want to feel embarrassed about the auto-playing GIF of the monkey dancing Buga-Buga? To avoid it, disable Auto-Play media features.

The video is so big, should I wait until it is fully downloaded? Check if the "Stream Videos and Audio Files" feature in "Data and Storage" is enabled. Not all videos can be streamed, unfortunately.

How to clear the Telegram cache and why?

While writing this article, I deleted a 27 GB cache. If you want to free up space on a mobile device, it can be a great place to start. Go to settings => "Data and Storage" => "Storage Usage" => "Clear Telegram cache"

It is a good habit to clear the Telegram cache weekly or monthly. It depends on how active you are in the messenger.

How to automatically save files to the gallery on mobile devices? Go to "Chat Settings" => check the "Save to Gallery" option.

Desktop-only features for data handling and storage.

  1. You can specify where the downloaded files will go. Go to "Advanced" => "Download Path"
  2. Select the "Ask download path for each file" option if you prefer to categorize files.
  3. Finally, you can export your data, which can be everything starting from contact lists to active sessions. The feature can be found at the bottom of the "Advanced" category.

I hope you find this article useful. If so, share it with others.

Use Telegram like a pro!

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