How to Create a Poll/Survey on Telegram?
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How to Create a Poll/Survey on Telegram?

There is a reason why Telegram is referred to as one of the best chat messenger available for the general public. With every passing day, Telegram continues to improve its product offering and integrates attractive features to its chat messenger. One such attractive feature offered by the chat messenger is Telegram Poll.

Large communities can make use of Telegram Poll to coordinate activities and to stay in touch with the group members. In addition to this, Telegram users can make use of polls for their business channels to receive feedback from group members. This feature offering from Telegram allows users to vote on a specific topic and that too without compromising their privacy.

To maintain the privacy of their users, Telegram allows channel owners to conduct an anonymous poll where the identity of the voter will not be revealed. That being said, channel owners can also conduct public polls, if they want to identify the identity of respective voters.

In this article, we will discuss how to create a public and anonymous poll in more detail, along with the benefits of creating a poll.

How to Create a Public Poll on Telegram?

To create the public poll on Telegram, firstly think about the feedback you want to receive from your channel subscribers. For instance - 'How satisfied are you with the overall service being offered?'

Now, think of the options you would like to provide to your channel subscribers. These could be as follows -

  1. Very Satisfied

  2. Satisfied

  3. Neutral

  4. Dissatisfied

  5. Very Dissatisfied

You can provide a minimum of 2 options and a maximum of as many as you want. However, keep the number of options limited, so it is easier for your subscribers to answer. Ensure that you create an attractive question to receive more votes.

Once you have the question and options ready with you, you can start creating a poll on Telegram. The following are the steps to create a public poll on Telegram.

  1. In the search box on Telegram, type and find @vote bot.

  2. Now /start the bot to create the poll on Telegram.

  3. Now select the Public to create a public poll.

  4. Now write the question on which you want to conduct a poll.

  5. Set your options to the questions. Do remember you will have to provide a minimum of 2 options.

  6. Once you are done with setting all of the options, type /done.

  7. Now you are ready to publish the poll in all the groups and channels of your choice.

  8. Click on publish poll and start receiving feedback from your subscribers.

To check the results of your public poll, click on update results in the @vote chat box. You will get to know the results of your poll in the form of a percentage. Below is the step-by-step screenshot to help you create your first public poll on Telegram.

How to Create an Anonymous Poll on Telegram?

Just like a private poll, you can also create an anonymous poll. By creating an anonymous poll, other members of the channel will not be able to see the name and ID of the poll participants. It will be a private poll. Below are the following steps to create a private and anonymous poll to maintain the privacy of your channel members.

  1. Type /start in the @vote chat box.

  2. Select the Anonymous option to create a private poll.

  3. Write the question to conduct your poll.

  4. Provide the options for the poll.

  5. Type /done to create your poll.

Now click on Publish Poll to send the poll to different channels and groups of your choice.

To check the results click on update results under the @vote chat box. Below is the step-by-step screenshot to help you create your first anonymous poll on Telegram.

Multiple Answer and Quiz Mode Poll

In addition to the Public and Anonymous poll, you can also create Multiple Answer and Quiz Mode poll on Telegram. In Multiple Answer mode, users can choose more than one option as their feedback. Whereas, Quiz mode poll is more suitable for users who wants to create exam-style prompts with tables and graphs. To create Multiple Answer and Quiz Mode poll, follow the following steps.

  1. Select the channel where you want to share the poll.

  2. Click on attachment tab and select poll button.

  3. Now choose Multiple Answer or Quiz Mode depending on the type of poll you want to create.

  4. Provide the Question and the options and click on create.

Using the following steps you can easily create Multiple Answer and Quiz Mode poll on Telegram and share it with your subscribers. However, creating a Multiple Answer and Quiz Mode poll is only available on Telegram Mobile App. You cannot create such poll using the Telegram Web as of now.

Benefits of Creating a Poll on Telegram

The following are some of the benefits of creating a poll on Telegram.

  1. It increases the popularity of your brand on Telegram.

  2. Users will show more interest in the service and products you have to offer.

  3. You will get to know more about the interests of your subscribers.

  4. It will increase user activity on your Telegram channel.

  5. It will help you attract more members.

Final Thoughts

Creating a poll or survey is quite easy on Telegram. With the help of @vote bot, you can create your public or anonymous poll within a matter of a few minutes. Start creating your first poll and increase user engagement in your channel to attract more members.

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