Free Organic Subscribers For Your Telegram Channel
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Free Organic Subscribers For Your Telegram Channel

Getting organic highly engaged telegram subscribers is easy.

Increasing your  telegram channel subscribers is maybe difficult for you, but in this article I'm going to be explaining about  three free methods to get telegram subscribers.

It can be a challenge for a new blog to get subscribers. There are many ways to do this, but the best way is to find your niche and focus on it.

The best way to get subscribers is by creating content that is relevant and valuable. The more time you spend on creating content, the more likely you are going to get subscribers.

1. Cross Promotion:
cross-promotion is done by you and other channels with nearly similar subscribers as your channel. for example, if your channel has 2000 subscribers and some other people you know on telegram have nearly 2000 or above subscribers then, you will post their telegram channel link on your channel and they will also post your telegram channel link on their telegram channel. then your subscribers will join your friend's channel by the link you posted and your friend's channel subscribers will join your channel by the link they posted on their channel.

How to get channel owners as many subscribers as your channel?

you can simply use this website to look for a list of channels that have the same subscribers as your channel and direct message the channel owners.

2. Joining Wave Promotions:
It's the same as cross-promotion but with many channels on it. instead of spamming every channel owner by asking for cross-promotion, you can join in a list of channels by making the wave promoter admin on your channel. the wave promoter will post a list of 5 or more links of telegram channels on your telegram channel which also should contain your channel link. and then the list will also be posted on the other channels that have joined the wave promotion. it will help you get more subscribers.

How to join a wave promotion?
By simply asking channel owners you know if there is a wave promotion or you also search for wave promotion on your telegram channel search bar.

3. Using Other Social Media:
Other social media apps like Instagram youtube and Tiktok are also useful methods to get telegram subscribers.

How to use other social media to promote your telegram channel?
By making a short video that describes what your posts are about and showing a snippet of your channel and posting that video on social medias with your telegram channel link attached on it.

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