Awesome and Best Telegram Messenger Tricks in 2021
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Awesome and Best Telegram Messenger Tricks in 2021

Speed, security, and simplicity are some of the virtues which make Telegram a very clever means of communication. Faithful to its metaphorical ancestor who also inspired its name, the messenger is minimal and focuses on delivering the message clearly. It also allows you to customize the interface along with the overall email experience. Most importantly, Telegram is completely free and does not come with the hidden cost as a threat to your privacy or security.

1. Edit Sent Messages

Has there ever been a time when you send a message, and within seconds you discover a blatant typo? Well, there's an edit button for saving yourself on Telegram, but not so much on Twitter. All you have to do is select the message and press the «Edit (pen)» icon at the top of the screen to easily edit the message. However, an “Edited” label will appear after you have made the changes. In addition, there are no time limitations for editing messages on the Telegram.

2. Send Silent Messages 

There are times when we know our loved ones studying, sleeping, or attending meetings, but we want to send messages without disturbing them. There is an option called Silent Messages on Telegram. Basically, you can send messages and it will not make any noise or vibration even if the recipient hasn't turned on DND.

3. Schedule Messages 

For experienced users, planning is an excellent way to accomplish many tasks at some point. We already use email scheduling a lot, but it's awesome to see Telegram bringing that feature to post as well. As noted above, you can schedule a message by simply pressing the “Send” button. In this case, select ‘Schedule message' and select the date and time. The message will be sent upon your choice.

4. Delete Sender’s Message

You can surely delete the messages you have sent, but did you know that Telegram has brought a new feature that allows you to delete messages sent from other users too. It's a little weird, but this feature is for users who prioritize privacy on everything. To use this function, simply select the received message and press the “Delete” button. Now choose “Also delete for X” and press “Delete”. The message will vanish from both ends without leaving any trace.

The telegram is an excellent tool to enhance communication and make it more secure. Telegram not only provides more security with features like end-to-end encryption and self-destruction, but it also allows you to customize the interface and experience significantly. Using these tips and tricks that we have listed above, we hope you should have a better chance of being able to call a Telegram expert tricks. Did we miss anything? Please let us know in the comments below as we will learn more about your expectations and gaps.

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