5 Aspects that Differ a Telegram Channel From a Telegram Group
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5 Aspects that Differ a Telegram Channel From a Telegram Group

Since its alpha release, Telegram has been recognized as a safe and open platform that focuses on bringing fast and secure messaging to global users for free. Established by two brothers and ecopreneurs, Pavel and Nikolai Durov, Telegram combines the best of security, reliability, and speed.

This particular messaging platform has many advantages over other mainstream platforms like Facebook Messenger. One of the advantages it has over its peers is the concept of the Telegram channel and groups.

Understanding Telegram Channels and Groups

Telegram users are allowed to create/join groups and be a part of their favorite communities. Telegram groups can have up to 200,000 members which give people a chance to indulge in a powerful communication tool.

Telegram channels on the other hand are another sub-category found in this platform for community based interaction. Any Telegram channel has no upper limit for the number of participants who can join.

Let us take a look at how channels and groups differ in the case of Telegram.

1. Direct messaging

If you have spent some time fiddling with Telegram channels and groups without knowing much about them, it could be clear that they have different rules for direct messaging. Telegram is renowned for being a collaborative and open space for communication but channels and groups have different norms for direct messaging among participants.

2. Managing conversations

Managing conversations is a concept often observed when you have been a part of a Telegram group for quite some time. A standard telegram group is supposed to have members, an owner (who made the group in the first place), and several managers. The task of group managers is to fulfill their specific roles within the group as decided beforehand. This concept is not there in the case of a Telegram channel.

3. Who can and cannot join?

Within the Telegram community, rules for joining a group and a channel are quite different and yet simple. Telegram users can join any of the available groups either directly or through an invitation from the members. But there since Telegram channels can either be public or private, the entry is through directly clicking on the “join now” button only if it is a public channel.

4. Information shared

Telegram groups and channels are used to share different types of media content and there are no limitations to compatibility issues regarding the type of content. The administrators within the Telegram channels decide which type of content to post as participants have view-only access. But in the case of groups, community members can upload content.

5. Differences based on usage

Telegram channels and groups are used for different purposes. If you are going to announce something such as an update of your digital magazine then a channel might be the best option to choose as it keeps your content safe from 3rd party’s influence. But if you need to take a vote or people’s opinion on your service/product then a group would be the best place to do it.

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