Anxiety Depression OCD Support Group

We're here to help you no matter what type of anxiety or depression you're going through! Keep the faith! We're all with you! Everything you say in this group stays in this group. Please stick to English only. No private chats without permission. No spam.

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This is a group for discussions on Anxiety, Depression and other emotional and mental health issues. It is meant to provide you support and guidance on how to deal with your problems, and general chat among like-minded people who have faced the same troubles and challenges as you.

We do not support drugs, prescription or otherwise, unless they have been specifically prescribed to you by a certified medical practitioner such as a psychiatrist.

We have people from all walks of life, and from several countries worldwide. We don't intend to provide medical advice, we are only a support group for like minded people to gather and discuss their problems.

Trolls and spammers are kicked and banned instantly. We intend this to be your safe haven. Please feel comfortable to join and discuss your problems. You'll always find friendly advice here!

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