Trade less but trade only in good opportunities, Will succeed if you know to Either Exit in big profits or in timely small losses Chartered Accountant Available For education purpose (not yet SEBI certified)

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CoronaVirus, earnings and an additional source of income upto Rs. 150,000 (quantity 150)

Is your income impacted? Or want to start an additional source of income? Already trading in shares? Or want to start? Is this write time to do? Shall I invest now or market will fall more? My portfolio is already red, and might have to hold it for another 2-3 Years, What? What if. it keeps on going 

FIRST THINGS FIRST So, what's the solution?Let's address this. 

As per the past records all members of Naveen on doing all suggested trades with 150 quantity, on an average they are making close to Rs. 150,000 (yes you heard it right) with positive reviews. His one mantra to all his members : "Trade less but good”

Oh! you are another share tips sharing in the market 

Let's accept it, we all have received all these messages, giving us a sure tip to make money? When we relied we generally had a loss, and sometimes we end up thinking if he would have know it, why wouldn't he would invest all his money? 

So, what makes us different, what makes Naveen Analysis different and genuine? 

1. The ONLY way we recommend you to believe is see, our existing members feedback (attached file)

2. Trades are based upon proper : Technical, and fundamental analysis (hours of research) along with practical experience.

3. His post qualification experience.

4. The way trades are shared : they all have stop loss and different targets. 

5. Large Mid Cap (important) : dealing in only good companies (generally large mid cap), keeps your risk lower.  

I don't believe still and that's why we are creating a free members group initially in which we will be sharing with few trades, once you have confidence, you can join the premium membership, which includes : more trades, personal query resolution, portfolio analysis with Naveen or specific requirements relating to trades. 

So, who is Naveen important question and why should you trust? 

1. BY profession : Chartered Accountant 

2. Experience : More than 4+ Years working with top MNC's (can't disclose name of companies though)

3. Mission : Most important one, willing to start with professional financial company in future, and trying to create a user base for the same, so laying foundations from today. 

What we don't do : 

1. Don't share tips on news or for gambling 

2. Your profits (generally people share) and your losses. We don't share. 

So, what say, or what we request : 

1. Refer the file attached to see the feedback. We got more than 100+ feedbacks in just an hour.

2. There is no harm in join freemium group and try with few trades 

3. Try watching few trades, until you invest so as to gain confidence. 

Just to quote one of the example out of many trades: 

He told us exactly when to buy IRCTC when it was trading between 700-900, to keep it till reach 1900 and also advised to sell it later, as the price dropped, and rest we all know. 

Link to join:

Community Partner, 

(if you want us to grow your community, please reach us: [email protected])


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