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Our channel Books Zone provides books of different genres namely - Fiction, Novel, Short Stories, Mystery, Horror, Romance, Science Fiction and Adventure, Domestic Fiction, Self-help , Autobiographies, Biographies, Technology, History etc.

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  • Our channel, Books Zone, was created out of love for book reading which the admin panel shares and the willingness to spread love, positivity and the habit of book reading. It has rightly been said that books are portable magic that help us travel even without moving our feet and it is this magic that runs in the spirit of our channel. The sole motive behind opening this channel is to help people in reading books by helping them to find books easily via us. Our channel provides books in different ways in order to cater to the needs of the diverse group of audience- Pdf version, EPUB version as well as audibooks. The subscribers are free to download the format which they prefer the most.We post books everyday for our audience. Our channel provides books of different genres like Romance,Fiction, Biographies, Autobiographies, Mystery, Adventure,Science , Domestic fiction, Psychological Fiction, Contemporary Romance, Novel, Inspirational Fiction, Thriller, Suspense, Satire, Historical Fiction, Roman á clef, Fantasy, Travel Literature, Bildungsroman, Alternate History, Dystopian Fiction, Crime Fiction and so on written by wonderful authors from around the world. We also create polls in order to understand the demands of our viewers and deliver their requests in the most efficient manner. We post books in different languages but mostly Hindi and English.

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