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For many people, betting is just a way to get more enjoyment from sports competitions. For us at Transparent Bets, it is much more than that.

We love what we do and finding value is what we are all about. Through years of experience, knowledge and mathematical analysis, we have developed a very profitable betting system to beat the bookmakers and the competition.

With the current situation of questionable betting tipsters and tipster services in the industry all around, we at Transparent Bets feel it is time to offer bettors a stable and above all trustworthy betting tipster service. Therefore we’ve come up with a professional betting tipster service that does keep its promise and achieves to have a satisfied client base. With our service, we give other people the opportunity to become profitable with online sports betting. And for our team at Transparent Bets, it’s a way to get more value out of our methods through a subscription fee. It’s a win-win for the both of us.

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