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Webiste: https://www.logikfx.co.uk

Why do We Exist?

We discovered that there was a huge technological and educational gap between what the retail FX trader has access to, in comparison to what professionals Hedge Fund Managers use to assess the financial Market state. More specifically the technology that allows the retail trader to use the ‘Global Macro’ approach.

Nearly all retail traders are stuck with this idea that technical analysis is sufficient to trade financial markets – when the reality is, you need to have the ability to assess the global fundamentals of every economy before you even start looking at price chart analytical methods.

As you may already be aware, the retail-market is full of misinformation, conflicts of interest, and general members of the public being misled to believe unrealistic expectations from trading. We’re here to disrupt this completely negative light that the Forex industry has gained over the past 25 years.

Our Solution

This gave birth to the Logikfx Portal  (www.logikfx.co.uk/portal) – A place where any retail trader can assess the state of economies, positions of the intuitional participants and much more, for free. Establishing a place where the ‘Global Macro’ strategy used by many Hedge Fund Managers can be realised by a retail-trader. (never seen before in the history of online trading.

Our proprietary LogicStrategy™ system (found in the portal) assesses whether an economy is expanding or contracting enabling any retail trader to incorporate proper quantitative economic outlooks in their trading strategy – which has seen excellent positive feedback from the community, and we want every retail trader to know we exist. 


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