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با کلیک بر روی دکمه "دیدن کانال"، کانال Anime, Chinese anime, Japanese anime, Download Anime را در تلگرام ببینید یا به آن ملحق شوید.


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🦁 Any anime you want is yours!

. ❤️❤️Japanese and Chinese❤️❤️

Has a long list where you can find your favorite anime

Become a member of the channel as soon as possible because the channel list may be longer and you can not choose from them 😅😅

❤️ Search the word - Chinese anime - in the channel to find Chinese anime and enjoy them

🦋 — Live Action - Anime ... Anime that was made in a real way .. In a way, it can be called an anime movie .. only in this channel 🦋


این کانال را دوست دارید؟ وارد شوید و یا روی @dailychannelsbot کلیک کنید تا به این کانال از طریق تلگرام امتیاز دهید

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