A platform of Open education, Employment Generation, Entrepreneur Development and Social Activity System. Register through link https://jjss.co.in/join/?spn=9236911297 after registration, you may replace (userID or registered mobile number) to send links

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*Jan Jagriti Seva Samiti*

(A platform of Open education, Employment Generation, Entrepreneur Development, Self-employment and Social Activity System)

Establish your -self (secure your position https://jjss.co.in/rank ) without investment and work with your team https://jjss.co.in/jjss  on various projects as per your interest https://jjss.co.in/jjss/4  or on your own project. Our NGO will provide full support (to the groups https://jjss.co.in/jjss/3 ) to stand fit in global market.

Activities: https://jjss.co.in/activity

More Details: https://jjss.co.in/jjss/5 

For any doubt/support contact WhatsApp: 7007279909


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1- There is no option to register on-site, except register user may invite or add friends through the given link

2- After registration, a registered user may replace their user ID or mobile number in the given link, to spread it widely on social media and to their friends. So that more and more people can take advantage of this scheme.

A registered user can view his profile https://jjss.co.in/userID

3- Follow us (JJSS) on telegram @jjsscoin for various activities/information.


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