Nifty Banknifty option tips

10+ years experience in trading. No stop loss hit for last few months. 99% accurate calls for option trading, including nifty/bank nifty weekly expiry jackpot calls.

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😎😎Zero loss and 💯 % accuracy last few months that’s power of research 😎😎

Free from stress and panic on market hours .our analytical team work for you 



Hi Guys, it's short sell options strategies in bank nifty and nifty options,  Every our call will be short calls PE and CE.Simply sell both PE and CE option at same time or selling CE or PE alone based on market trend In a sideways , volatile ,choppy market so that your capital will be safe both ways on hedge . We use many formulas straddle , iron condor,  Open interests of strikes ,volume , divergence analysis , fii dii entry data’s ,global market trends , technical candlestick pattern so our technical fundamental team together can Select and give profitable trade .selecting good strike price is more important.

🧤 Monthly 12 to 15 calls with 99% accuracy . We believe research quality calls than in quantity calls . We give live trading profit screenshots .our aim is to get regular sustainable income from trading 

😌 Accuracy Level:99%( zero loss last few months )

🤷Slow and steady profit.

😎No hurry burry

😄No SL. That much sure calls😲😲

😊aim for those customers  guaranteed regular income with less risk in trading 

😎 don’t want to sit in the computer whole day .

🙋🏽‍♂️Ping me for more clarification


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