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For a UPSC aspirant, this word makes sense when we talk about things like panchayati Raj. I want to give a new meaning to it with this channel.

There is a need for decentralisation of UPSC preparation. What do I mean when I say that?

Most of us have paid huge sums of money to Bision IAS, Bajiram or Srishthi IAS to make our dreams of clearing CSE come true.

Why do people enroll into them. Coz they want the best people to guide them in their dream of becoming a civil servant. Who are these so called best people?

These are people who have gone through the process of preparation. Some of them have ranks in CSE, some have appeared for several mains and interviews.

Everyone who has spent 2 to 3 years in serious preparation know what mistakes not to make. Eventually, all you need is basic books and hand holding from those who know the essentials for the exam.

Coaching centers have centralised the preparation and are charging money that is irrationally high.

It should not cost more than a few thousand rupees for a UPSC aspirant to yet personalized mentoring and material in this digital age.

If senior aspirants can come together to support the newcomers for minimal monetary charges, this vision can be successful. Everyone will get equal playing field for the preparation and a new era of decentralised mentoring can emerge.


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