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My contact: @SevenSea1 Warning: Trading is a risk. You have to be careful and attentive. In this channel I show my work and experience for training, this is not financial advice.

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Binary Option signals every day.

Welcome to all new members! I will give you some signals tomorrow or on Monday, lets see. 

If you have any questions, please dm me. I will answer everyone. 

I give you the opportunity to join my private channel for free. Just write me a message and I send you the link.

To my signals:

I am a private trader and trading around 2 years (1 year active). I make profit day for day and doing it as a full time job. You can trade on my signals if you want and make profit. Here in this channel I will give you around 3-5 signals a day and will continue in the private channel with another 3-5 signals. 

I give a small reminder before we start. Have a look on the channel and check that it’s not muted. 

The signals will be shown like that for example: 

EUR/USD 2 min UP 

(EUR/USD) - That means that you have to select the right currency pair

2 min - That means that you have to select the right timeframe

UP/DOWN - Means the right way for the trade UP (Green button) DOWN (Red button) 

I am going to learn you in the group how to trade on your own and read the chart.

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